FS1SHOP.nl, the specialist in classic Yamaha parts

We specialize in FS1 (from 1969 t / m 1987) and YB1 (from 1997 t / m present). FS1SHOP.nl provides all components for these two Yamaha oldtimers, both original and imitation. We do our utmost to maintain the supply of parts on our site as up to date as possible. Are you looking for a part that can not be found on FS1SHOP.nl is? Please contact and often it is still possible for us to order the desired item.

FS1SHOP is more than just Yamaha Parts

Our specialties are the Yamaha FS1, YB1, RD. DT. TY but we are happy to advise you about other Yamaha mopeds. It is good to know that most of the parts for these classic Yamaha models can also be used on other mopeds of the Japanese brand. For lighter Yamaha engines up to 125cc you tu come to us for service and parts. Inquire about the possibilities.


In 2006 we as FS1 Team Almere started our Yamaha FS1 hobby. Soon we had more than 50 vintage mopeds bought and increased the demand for these motorcycles. Increasingly, we were asked our fans and customers if it was possible to order parts. We have to meet this demand FS1SHOP.nl set up an online store that focuses entirely on parts for classic Yamaha mopeds. We keep the offer topical and complex as possible. Would you rather see first a part before you buy it? Please contact us and come along to our workshop.