About FS1 Team

The FS1 Team Almere started in May 2006.

Hans and Rick Hendrikse started the Yamaha FS1 hobby with great enthusiasm, after a short time it got quite out of hand and we had bought at least 50 Yamaha FS1’s.

We have become known to many as the YAMAHA FS1 BUYING TEAM, a name that many still know today.

We commissioned our first mopeds in 2007 and these customers are said to be very satisfied with them.

Now we have about 120 Yamaha FS1’s on registration, a considerable stock that still have to be built. A stock that is certainly sufficient to be able to build a Yamaha for Yamaha FS1 returners for years to come.

Our latest development is therefore this WEBSHOP that many regular customers have been waiting for. The range must be wide and, above all, possible to order down to the smallest part.

So far and have fun in our webshop.